• Mission

    Pussy Pods is for cats. Our purr-inducing cat dens are handmade by women artisans worldwide to keep your home looking cute and your cat happy AF. Our mission is to make a difference by providing sustainable products that give back to rescue shelters and the amazing women artisans, so when you hear "Get your head out of the litter box," it's time to make a difference! 

  • Craft

    It takes many hands to craft the perfect cat cave - from the sheep groomers in New Zealand to the Nepali women artisans who craft with care, welt felting, stitching, and needling. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and service, embracing our values while innovating to create.

  • We Believe in the Pursuit of Doing Good

    Our purpose at Pussy Pod has always been more than just making a profit. We strongly believe in making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Every pod is hand-crafted by talented women artisans, and when you purchase one, you're helping to empower and support these artists and their families. This support is reflected in their quality of education, healthcare, and their children's lives.

    In addition, when you make a purchase from The Pussy Pod, 10% of the total amount will be donated to charity. This contribution will aid countless sick and homeless animals, and your support will allow us to rescue street pets from mistreatment, neglect, abandonment, illness, and injury. We appreciate your help in making a positive impact.

  • Planet

    We strive to be resourceful and positive - giving back more than we take from the plant. Our pods are made in the best-in-class infrastructure and operate efficiently on Green Energy, promoting eco-friendly production.